Map ad choices... there's a few. 

Follow the leader heading into Summer/Fall 2019. We were IN, now we are your new best friend - Navimate.

Where do I begin? Well, I will tell you that I am the only map publisher in Western Canada that actually created a map guide in order to market my own business. My story started in Whistler in 1996, when I created a fun, playful, easy-to-use way finding system for the international guests. I gathered up 25 friends who owned businesses in town and we co-oped the costs.  25 bucks each for the first issue!

Fast forward to 2006 and I went bigger, better, snazzier, and fun-ner. But I kept the same "co-op marketing for my best mates" philosophy and have managed to keep my rates the same-ish for the last 8 years running. I target my map guides towards women, children, international guests, and seniors (big type, soft colour palate, activi-toons). Our distribution strategy is quite a bit different than the other map boys. Word on the street is that we are a little more caring. We keep our maps warm and cozy in outdoor kiosks along the Village Stroll and the hotels appreciate the weekly servicing by our local big-hearted girls, Pennie and I servicing the Sea to Sky Corridor, and Sarah covering the Bow Valley.

And 2020? Look out. We have a whole new team of navigational tools for the guest service communities of Whistler, Squamish, Banff, Canmore, and Victoria.

Get on the maps for as low as $475 per issue. Want a mini brochure, too? Package pricing and payment plans are available. Just ask, we listen.

Brochure Maps, Desktop Maps, and Mini Maps...oh my!

Extend your reach even further. 

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