It's mmnnn good for your business. #mytaste

Get in it. Now. It's fall and winter is just around the corner.

No seriously. Get in this next issue. TASTE MAG is the field guide to food and drink in Greater Victoria. It's fresh, sassy, and relevant. We print twice a year and back our essential printed digest with daily social media engagement, timely articles, and yearly reader/industry recognition awards. We float you to the top in the sea of choices, and that's that a good thing for your galley.

Can you afford it? I like to think you can't afford not to, but that's because I know how excited our distribution points get when we drop off our guides and fill our racks. But yes, you can afford it. A 1/3 page ad is priced under $500 per issue and a full page ad is $1350 per issue for the whole shabang! And for a six month shelf life that is a damn good value. 

50,000 printed guides annually, 2 issues

And 2019 is shaping up to be better than ever. I have a new menu hunter, and new production coordinator, skilled photographer/videographer (yes, Coast Mountain) and dedicated distribution junkies. Oh, and with your full menu updated whenever you send us changes. And don't worry, we'll remind you at least 4 times a tear.

So hire us. We're mmmgood.

Patricia Jones, Publisher

Want it to be all about you? No problem, get a mini.

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