The evolution of the printed brochure. It's mini. 

The magic bullet in your marketing mix. Bang! 

Our mini brochure program is a super targeted referral system utilizing the smartest of print formats.  They fit in the palm your hand and fold out 4x10". That's bigger than a full sized rack card! We distribute your brochure directly to your customers via main accommodations and high traffic areas through strategically placed, high impact showcases. How are they priced? Affordably. Mini brochures will easily fit into your sales and marketing mix.

Some of the numerous benefits and features include:

  • They Work! Plain and simple: awareness campaigns, reseller programs, trade show pieces, direct to consumer print marketing.
  • Low Cost, High Impact Professionally designed, gang-run printing, full-colour graphics.
  • Multi-Purpose Business cards, brochures, referral cards, coupons, etc.
  • Extremely Retainable People hold on to mini brochures.
  • Very Portable Small enough to travel. Convenient pocket-sized cards fit easily into wallets, purses, pockets, and hands!
  • Eco-Responsible Print Media Business card sized information pieces printed on recycled paper with vegetable dyes!

Need more heavy hitters? We've got them.

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