Summer 2019. It's hot.

It's not only hot this summer at the Kiss Media Group think tank...

It's damn cool.

Why's that?

Cause we have some pretty awesome stuff that is going to give you goosebumps! What is this stuff?

Well, let's talk about that. Here are the highlights:

My Team. 

  • We have Markus at the design hub. He not only works with me to coordinate the production of our publications but is also leading our hawt design team.

  • Our Sea to Sky Corridor distribution team is the ever-so-cheery Pennie (aka Pennie Claus), my distribution side-kick of the Sea-to-Sky Corridor,

  • Wally is back in the fold heading up our distribution mania in Greater Victoria, and Tamara is the new feet-on-the-streets of the Bow Valley.

  • We've got Annie handling admin tasks and Bruce minding the backend of the biz.

  • And then there's me. I'm back in action and swinging for the fences. I am working hard at meeting with each and every one of you by day and developing new and improved marketing channels and vehicles by night.

New shiny things. 

  • Maps. They were IN before, and now they are destined to be every visitors' best friend. We call them our Navimate Guides, available in custom brochure, desktop, and mini map formats. Say whaaaat? It's true. 2020 look out.

  • ... it's been updated... every month for that matter.. and we have some incredibly tasty new online features to sink your teeth into Summer 2019.

  • Super Secret New Dining Publication. Yes, so secret you will probably only hear about it once it's hit the streets. That is unless you've been a client of ours in the last 3 years or are a brand spanking new restaurant. Launch? Well, thats a secret, too, and I'm not about to kiss n' tell just yet. What I can tell you is we will start with Whistler, then blanket Victoria, and last-but-not-least head east to our favourite Rocky Mountain destinations soon after.

So let's kiss.

That's my way of saying "let's meet up".  My mission is to personally meet up with each and every one of our current and new clients in the upcoming weeks.

Why meet up instead of just shooting you an email? Well, the landscape of print media is changing up HUGE in the next 6 months. I am launching new and improved marketing channels that are sure to save some loot, expand your reach, and probably have you giving me a big bear hug.

And now meeting up is easier than ever. If you look in the bottom corner of your screen, I just may be online right now ready to chat. If you look up to the navigation bar above you will see a link to Book Appointment. You can now easily book an in-person, telephone, or video conference with me right here. Need to review your artwork and creative? Markus is available for video or telephone chats, too!

So there you go. Is it hot enough for you?

Click on the image below and let me know.

As always, thank you.