Tips to out-smart that sneaky advertising sales rep

Back in the day, looooong before I started making media solutions for tourist destinations, I was a media BUYER. Yep, a media buyer before I became media publisher.

So what? Why should you listen to any tips I have to offer? After all, I AM a advertising media rep. Well, having me in your back pocket is like having an accountant that worked for the CRA, or a private investigator who used to work for the FBI on your team. Ok, maybe that's a stretch, but I learned a thing or two that will save you a buck or 2000.

Here are a couple of them:

1. Meet face-to-face with every sales rep.

Is this time consuming? It doesn;t have to be. Tell the rep that you have 15 mins max. If he doesn;t impress you in 15 minutes, just let him know that you have to run.

2. Tell him that his price is too high.

You will pretty much alway get a discount right off the bat from a junior rep, and you will most certainly get a detailed explanation of the value of their service from a pro. A real pro, like say Patricia Jones from Kiss Media Group, ah-hem, will take great pleasure in hearing you say "start the car!"

3. Tell him you hate their publications or that you have heard that their service sucks.

Why? Well, you will be able to tell right away if you are dealing with a lame sales rep or a pro. A pro will not only happily probe for more details, there is a good chance that she will be open to suggestions to make her publications/services even better.

Those are my top three. Start there. I have a sneaking suspicion you will not only save some valuable time, but you will choose marketing campaigns that bring you the best value.

Happy hunting.